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Get away to the wild wild west! This is a special occasion for us but we'd also like our guests to treat this as an opportunity to explore. The Pacific Northwest is a fascinating combination of geological magnificence, world class food and drink, and a center for arts and culture.


Fri 10/3

Join us for a casual dinner at a small town diner! We'll have fresh catch fish & chips, salad, and gluten free veggie burgers. Afterwards we'll move to the nautical themed bar next door with a local karaoke DJ.

Will Diana reenact her rendition of Salt'n'Pepa's "Shoop" with Sean on backup vocals and a local Elvis impersonator in the audience? Cross your fingers...

6:00PM Dinner followed by drinks at at Lloyd's Old Town Tavern

Sat 10/4

While it's optional, feel free to dress up for this! An afternoon ceremony on the beach will be followed by sunset drinks, dinner overlooking the Pacific, and a party at Lord Bennett's. If the weather chooses to misbehave the ceremony will also be at Lord Bennett's.

For the nocturnal souls a seaside bonfire at our beach house is a very real possibility :-)

4:00PM Ceremony at Face Rock View Point
5:00PM Drinks at Lord Bennet’s Restaurant Lounge
6:30PM Dinner at Lord Bennet’s Restaurant North Room
8:00PM Cake and whiskey

Sun 10/5

For those sticking around Sunday we'll have a homemade breakfast at a house overlooking the aptly named Devil's Kitchen State Park. Park in the beach parking lot, or do like the newlyweds and walk up from the beach.

10:30AM Breakfast at Beach House



Fly in to Medford International Airport and rent a car. Bandon is 3 hours from this airport--you may want to arrive by 10/2/14 to stay a night in the area before driving to Bandon on 10/3/14. Call us about your trip plans, we have plenty of suggestions. We can also get you in a carpool.

Best Western Bard’s Inn
132 N Main St., Ashland OR 97540 This is a comfortable hotel near the airport that is walking distance to attractions. You could stay here before driving to Bandon.

For more information on the area check out Travel Medord. Fun fact: helping build this site was Sean's first gig after moving to Southern Oregon!


Your attendance and well wishes are what we really want. If you are inclined to give us a gift, please consider a Kiva gift card ( or cash.


What to Bring
This will not be a hot beach--average high/low in Bandon at this time of year is 64 F/ 45 F. For those of you familiar with San Francisco weather you'll be right at home.

The ceremony will be outdoors. Dress up as much or as little as you would like but make sure to bring at least one warmish or weather proof cover up. We did pick the nicest time of year there so hopefully the sun will shine and the winds will be mild but you never know.

Some suggested accomodations are below:

Sunset Motel
1865 Beach Loop Drive, Bandon, Oregon 97411
We recommend staying at this modest hotel as it has a variety of room types to fit your needs, and is walking distance to all of the Saturday events including the ceremony and dinner.
Alternatively rent a beautiful oceanfront home for a reasonable price.


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